Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Travel Guide - Shibuya Scramble Crossing


Shibuya Scramble Crossing is one of the most famous and busiest crossings in Japan, or even in the world today.
The crossing is often featured in TV shows and movies, such as Lost in Translation, The Fast and the Furious, and Resident Evil (Known as "Biohazard" in Japan).
Also, it is said that the Oxford Circus in London was inspired by the Shibuya's crossing.

The crossing is located in front of Shibuya Station which handles more than two million passengers a day, and about 3,000 people cross the intersection simultaneously at the peak.
The crossing is also famous as a gathering spot in special occasions, such as Halloween and FIFA World Cup, and this place becomes even more crowded at those times.

If you want to see the bustling crossing from above, Estacion Cafe in Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, Oriental Dining LOHB in Shibuya-Ekimae Building, or Starbucks Coffee SHIBUYA TSUTAYA in QFRONT are good view points.

Access / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Shibuya Station
  • Short walk from Shibuya Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzo-mon Line (Z01), Ginza Line (G01), Fukutoshin Line (F16), Keio Inokashira Line (IN01), Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line (DT01) or Tokyu Toyoko Line (TY01)

Address / Location

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CraZz.eth @FSchittini - 2021-09-16
@ApeGangNFT Times square and shibuya crossing
KEIGOINOUE_OFFICIAL @KeigoinoueO - 2021-09-16
Keigo visualized his art on the screens at Shibuya's famous scramble crossing!

This work has been released as an N…
Productive Citizen ✌🏾💙🙏🏾👊🏾 @technosucks - 2021-09-16
@CarsonEnglish Shibuya Crossing is the final boss battle.
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Until Sunday 19th JP time, you can find our favorite dancing doggo at:
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glorious revolution @gliriope - 2021-09-16
tokyo may have shibuya scramble crossing but unc chapel hill has cameron & columbia and i think that's beautiful
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. . . ✎ STAYC promotion on top of big and tall building in shibuya crossing, japan. i have to remind our swiths so…
𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬 @noraehalge - 2021-09-16
StayC in shibuya crossing 🥺 this brought back memories
🐺 Davy 🐺 @DaVinci030 - 2021-09-16
I mean this is all I came up with this render idea based on one of the official P5 artwork. B&W characters and red…
💐블루밍밀콥💐 @hyunjaesbloom - 2021-09-16
@thszecrszey Shibuya is toooo crowded for my liking😂😂 the anxiety of crossing is fun tho
Camilla McFarland @camillionaire_m - 2021-09-15
Doge and @PleasrDAO and @Bassjackers invade the busiest street on planet earth. Over 2.4 MILLION people pass Shibuy…
FvckGotrilla 🍌 @GoTrillaGorilla - 2021-09-15
@ApeGangNFT Shibuya Crossing
FvckGotrilla 🍌 @GoTrillaGorilla - 2021-09-15
@ApeGangNFT Shibuya Crossing
Kazz Kinoshita/アジアのサービスオフィス専門家 @GoAsiaOffices - 2021-09-15
For companies whose office contracts are coming to an end or are up for renewal during the year.
Would you like to…
Rumesh @RuBoyGaming - 2021-09-15
@AeolusPleb @LelouchNoKiseki This mans said invented Japan. 😂🤣 Cause it’s true. Shibuya Crossing exists only in P5
Rumesh @RuBoyGaming - 2021-09-15
@AeolusPleb @LelouchNoKiseki This mans said invented Japan. 😂🤣 Cause it’s true. Shibuya Crossing exists only in P5
@justindedios Shibuya crossing? Chaaarr
Tokyo Fresh @Tokyo_Fresh - 2021-09-15
Great views of #Shibuya crossing from DJ Bar Bridge… cheers #moscowmule #Tokyo #Japan #booze
Tokyo Journal @TokyoJournal1 - 2021-09-15
Shibuya Crossing. Photo by Denys Nevozhai.
cloudeaterstudios @cloudeatr - 2021-09-15
our doge dancing at the Shibuya crossing in Japan!
英Go!垢bot @Gobot52019820 - 2021-09-15
What a coincidence! Shibuya Crossing is a must-see. Do you do any sports? I used to play surf. You forgot something!
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J1: [8:52] NOW PLAYING: The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY - Shibuya Crossing ~ 49 listeners #jpop
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Shibuya Scramble Crossing(live camera)
Ryan Kenny @Spyrokid77666 - 2021-09-14 I've liked a video on YouTube called: [MMD KINGDOM HEARTS] Specialist (Persona 4 Remix) - H…
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@wongJP Was nice to see a Japan outside of Shibuya scramble crossing
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my campaign ad is gonna go up on the shibuya crossing oh my god oh MYHGOD
chasing gold bot @chasinggoldbot - 2021-09-14
Hajime follows the tide of the dwindling crowd out of Shibuya’s Hachiko exit and into the bustling plaza, and there…
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@DubiousRhino oh my god is this the shibuya crossing calico??
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Shibuya Crossing...
#photooftheday #photography #fujifilm_xseries
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Best Spot Japan! Amazing Tokyo Shibuya Crossing! World's Busiest Intersection
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Seriously, how do you even take photos in Shibuya crossing 😅
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#SomethingBeautiful Tokyo Archive- Shibuya Scramble Crossing the morning after Typhoon Hagibus. October 2019. “A gr…
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I miss Shibuya crossing! 😭😭😭
Indium Nitride @XanIndigo - 2021-09-12
@she_will_thrive @spanneton It's not always a bad thing if there are lots of people IMO. One of my favourite spots…
JJWalsh 🌿⛩️🏝️🐱🌺☀️ @jjwalsh - 2021-09-12
@ozAntinnippon I'm actually very grateful it's restricted to a few blocks around Shibuya crossing 😂
☆ easy ・ R ☆ ‏ @ramudabot - 2021-09-12
I respawn at the two story Starbucks in Shibuya's big crossing.
𝓔𝓿𝓪𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓑𝓪𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓼𝔂𝓲𝓪 🌙 @evabtrsy_ - 2021-09-12
Shibuya Crossing ♡
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To this day the best cake I’ve ever had was from the cafe in L’Occitane at Shibuya crossing. I forever long for tha…
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Tbh now I kinda want to see Kuro standing in the streets of Shibuya at night (at the Shibuya crossing)
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Hajime follows the tide of the dwindling crowd out of Shibuya’s Hachiko exit and into the bustling plaza, and there…
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Hello Kitty Donut at the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Japan
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someone should do a compilation of unused p5r content from the trailers . i still can't forget that scene where aki…
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Shibuya Crossing
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At the PlayStation Showcase livestream, Tango Gameworks revealed a thrilling glimpse of Ghostwire: Tokyo.
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