Travel Guide - Shiki-an


Shiki-an is the house in which the poet Masaoka Shiki convalesced during his later years, after sending for his mother and sister from his hometown in Matsuyama, Shikoku.
His sickroom also served as his study, and he continued to work on revolutionizing Haiku and Tanka poems, being supported by numerous friends and pupils.

Opening Hours

  • 10:30 -12:00, 13:00 - 16:00


  • Mondays (or the following day when it falls on a national holiday)

Access / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Uguisudani Station

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
Ueno Toshogu Shrine
Ueno Toshogu Shrine was built in 1627, dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The stone Myoujin Otorii (grand s ...  more »
Katsushika Shibamata Tora-san Museum / Yamada Yoji Museum
This is a memorial hall for “Otoko-wa-Tsuraiyo (It’s tough being a man)”, the comic film series that was a big hit with Atsumi Kiyoshi starri ...  more »
The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo (NMWA) was established in 1959. It is Japan's only national art museum that features a wide range o ...  more »
Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum

*This museum was closed in September, 2015 and is set to re-open as Kyoto Railway Museum in 2016.

Umekoji Steam L ...  more »
Historical Village of Hokkaido
Local buildings built in the Meiji (1868 – 1912) and Taisho (1912 – 1926) Periods are gathered here. You can see an old fisherman's house, ol ...  more »
Komoro Castle Ruins / Kaiko-en Park
Komoro Castle was constructed in 1554 by Takeda Shingen. The castle was built in a location lower than the surrounding towns and was given th ...  more »
Matsue Folk Museum (Koun-kaku Palace)
Koun-kaku Palace was originally constructed in 1903 to host the Emperor Meiji. His visit was cancelled, but the building was later used as lo ...  more »


Betula Gaufrid @BetulaGaufrid - 2021-09-17
@ShikiMiyoshino Morning Shiki! ☀️ I hope you get better soon and wish you the bests of luck with your stream!
Chris Lopez @HentaiDudesDick - 2021-09-17
Uh, Shiki kill love for the shots worse
DDT-Cryptic @DDT_Shiki - 2021-09-17
And here's my artwork I made for Isis birthday.
Eve Castle @Eve_Castle - 2021-09-17
after I'm dead, tell people
I was a persimmon eater
who also loved haiku

Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902) #haiku #mpy
Huskezense @huskezense - 2021-09-17
@ShikiMiyoshino Health is priority first shiki, no worry we occultreats want your bestest🤗
Karuu @karoryuu - 2021-09-17
Why is mina the best twewy character:

>Helps her best friend
>Supports Shiki x Eri
>She's not bad at tin…
Lavagen @Zivzeri - 2021-09-17
@Shiki_TwT I will definitely practice this move in the gym. Thank you very much for the video 🙏
Lavagen @Zivzeri - 2021-09-17
A very useful training for the solution of the kyphosis problem (degree) that I am trying to fix these days.…
Lord Duke ⚜️ @JohnReaper47 - 2021-09-17
@ShikiMiyoshino Take care Shiki, the delay is fine. Gotta prioritise health. Get well soon Shiki.
MIYU SSR4 IS 🏠 @YohaMakifan - 2021-09-17
@settledownsoul Everyone is saying it’s gonna be Uzuki or Shiki, but watch it be Yuuki
Saros Code 🦊🌙 @SarosCode - 2021-09-17
@ShikiMiyoshino Feel better, sweet pupper. Sorry you always have to deal with those health issues, Shiki.
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2021-09-17
Free stuff!
Waffles @Waffles239 - 2021-09-17
@ShikiMiyoshino No worries shiki, health takes priority!
XxAngiexXRPI @LittenFire_ - 2021-09-17
@BimboKanade @cowboyriku What do you mean? Neku loses hope/ gives up at least twice in in Week 2 and Shiki gives up…
cookie monster 🐣 @nijirokuma - 2021-09-17
good lotto results shiki noir saisuta release date i am speaking it into existence
lau | kokoMID fan @cardanist - 2021-09-17
whats ur fav animes omg — my faves are higurashi, aot, kokoro connect, inuyasha, kara no kyoukai, shiki and a few m…
phauto🐔♥️ | KFPest Chama @_phaut0 - 2021-09-17
@ShikiMiyoshino Gmorning and get well soon Shiki, I'll be in your vod later.. SEA pain here lol now I sleep~
positive raku @positiverakubot - 2021-09-17
You find Shiki annoying? Hoo, but he's quite kind. Someone can seem irritating, but there's always a good side to them.
salma𖤐 @simplyy444 - 2021-09-17
@n0rdd_ High school of the dead, ghost stories, shiki, blood c, saiki k, death note, og naruto + shippuden, assassi…
shiki💤 @shiki_turret - 2021-09-17
@dragon_ollie ye! if i ever get to the talking to humans step ill let you know :D
waaan @ubi315 - 2021-09-17
@ShikiMiyoshino thanks shiki
ʟᴀʟᴀ ~ 🎀🎙 @miraihikous - 2021-09-17
if it's not shiki you can tag me too, we can burn bamco offices together /hj
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ @sunsspotlight - 2021-09-17
literally who could it be other than shiki.....they changed attribute pattern and released aiko in august like. Why…
♡ haz ♡ kinnie arc 😦 ♡ @twewygender - 2021-09-17
important announcement:
shiki misaki :]
四季冬潤 @Shiki_Tojyun - 2021-09-17
@Mlke705 ICEY
🦇Shiki🦇 @Shiki_Baby_Bat - 2021-09-17
@Cutienyaaa I am, thank u ^•^
🦇Shiki🦇 @Shiki_Baby_Bat - 2021-09-17
@Cutienyaaa I saw!! 💕💕
🦋 Sophie 🌸 @Cutienyaaa - 2021-09-17
@Shiki_Baby_Bat I hope your ok
Alex @alex31245 - 2021-09-14
@CigaretteLion Shiki moment
DDT-Cryptic @DDT_Shiki - 2021-09-14
I came home and my door was jammed, so I guess Im going to the car dealer to get something else resolved
Ex Shiki | Chase @chase_shiki - 2021-09-14
@Brose_Wood @ExolvedEsports Once upon a time I let one go :) He rolled me right after her found a gun never again.
Ex Shiki | Chase @chase_shiki - 2021-09-14
@Ex__Freak @ExolvedEsports My hand was dead after lol
Ex Shiki | Chase @chase_shiki - 2021-09-14
@NotGrays I got jealous 🥺
F😽ix Me @amabe_shiki - 2021-09-14
Akio seemed happy with the previous successful live.
Iku Hoshifuri / 星降いく💖🪐 @PRISM Project @IkuHoshifuri - 2021-09-14
I’m watching “The Shining” with Shiki!! 😱😱😱

Come join us~!! 🥰🥰🥰


Stream starts 6PM PDT / 10AM JST ✨✨✨
JX @sleepy_shiki - 2021-09-14
@reallycoolpers7 @Chadmandudeguy Nah, he did.
Kazea @WindyKazea - 2021-09-14
@altorav XDD' I love everything about this so much. 😂😂 These are all so cute, funny, and fitting. The interrupted o…
Lisa Rodriguez (COMMS OPEN) @LisaRo_graphics - 2021-09-14
@fabianTTV78 @ShikiThaagul And yes i can do the art for Shiki , i love that anime too
Marshall/Mari☯️💜 @teh_zeldamaster - 2021-09-14
Haru and Musica can both admit they like each other pretty easily, Natsu and Gray both refuse to admit it, Shiki an…
Missi @MokonaSoel - 2021-09-14
@ShinyArya IGN Ryougi Shiki, cutiefly female level 60
thank you Denise <3
Pixeli @PixeliPlayer - 2021-09-14
@ugshibuya EXACTLY, if u start a shiki account have an eri first. I have a shiki rp account with no eri and I am very sad </3
SHIKI Tohno bot @capslockkun - 2021-09-14
'So how does it feel this time, Shiki? To be stabbed in your point of death!
How is it? The feeling of having everything taken from you!!'
Shiki Misaki @shiki_en_bot - 2021-09-14
I'm not a stalker!
Shiki Thaagul @ShikiThaagul - 2021-09-14
Looking to commission some art of Shiki, anybody know of some twitter artists I can check out?
#Vtuber #VTuberUprising
Spectre110gaming (F*ck Shura) @Spectre799games - 2021-09-14
#EZSpoilers yooo what if the way Shiki destroys The All Link system is by throwing Shura in it 😭
Spoo-ky-Oh 🎃🏳️‍🌈 ŞhιkιGαtε @Shiki_Gate_Reve - 2021-09-14
@Jompa261 They always have been
Spoo-ky-Oh 🎃🏳️‍🌈 ŞhιkιGαtε @Shiki_Gate_Reve - 2021-09-14
@Jompa261 U made me this (?)
Swappy @SwappyThe - 2021-09-14
@CigaretteLion I mean I doubt Shiki could

Oh who am I kidding he did it with Arc he could
Wall-E 🌻🏠 @Wall_EGer - 2021-09-14
@IkuHoshifuri Uh this is gonna be fun 🥰
Hmm Time to sleep so I can watch this nkt tired
See you and shiki soon Hime 🥰💖✨
Me sleep bow 😴😴😴
glitter pinky jompasy @Jompa261 - 2021-09-14
@Shiki_Gate_Reve it is ur fate horniness made u that
iIabot @lCHlRAKU - 2021-09-14
But honestly speaking, Shiki-chan's lukewarm response makes ones heart skip a beat
kananayu bot 🐍 @kananayubot - 2021-09-14
Shiki: I... I might not have the right to say this but! Nayuta-kun had always... loved you, Kanata-kun, to the poin…
nacht dragneel @Priyans50708911 - 2021-09-14
Shura:how are you even gonna destroy the all link system anyway
Shiki:by throwing you in it
It will kinda poetic i…
ᗩᑎᗪᖇEᗩ TᕼOᗰᗩS✨Commissions Open✨ @AndreaGraphics - 2021-09-14
@ShikiThaagul Yeah, I do art with anime-ish vibes in it and can surely help you out with this Shiki art...

Do you…
✦ HisoNoKami 🔴 ヒ素の神 🔴 Comms Open! ✦ @HisoNoKami - 2021-09-14
@IzumiSeiji They gonna be in the studio: Shiki theme (trap remix)
𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓴𝓲 𝓡𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓲 @BjectUnknown - 2021-09-14

You made Shiki even speechless. How in the actual f-
Aashir @aashir981 - 2021-09-11
@ggimgonnawin @AnimeBallsDeep That's were it start getting awesome I'll give a small spoiler the main character shiki he turned evil
Bang Bang @Chittyx2Bangx2 - 2021-09-11
@VivekDMurmu Loved the thread. I was one of those who thought Oda forgot Shiki as well so this hyped me up for him…
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