Shimane Art Museum

Travel Guide - Shimane Art Museum


Situated on Lake Shinji's shore, Shimane Art Museum, opened in 1999, is famous for its beautiful sunsets.
The museum stays open an extra 30 minutes past sundown from March through September so that visitors can enjoy the view of setting sun.

The museum has exhibited works by an array of artists, from renowned native Japanese artists to European masters, including Courbet, Monet, and Rodin.
the museum also supports local work by artists associated with Shimane Prefecture.
It also features a variety of interesting souvenirs in the gift shop.

Opening Hours

  • 10:00 - 30 minutes after sunset (March - September)
  • 10:00 - 18:30 (October - February)


  • Tuesdays
  • Year-end and New Year's holidays

Access / Public Transport

  • 17 minutes walk from JR Matsue Station
  • 6 minutes from JR Matsue Station by Matsue City Bus Southern Inner Loop. Get off at Kenritsu Bijutsukan-mae Bus stop.

Address / Location

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