Shiramizu-no-taki Waterfall

Travel Guide - Shiramizu-no-taki Waterfall


Shiramizu-no-taki Waterfall is located in Hakusan National Park.
The 72 meters high and 8 meters wide waterfall is designated as a natural monument of Gifu prefecture.
The water running off the fall appears to be a milky white color, so it became known as "Shiramizu-no-taki" or the waterfall of white water.
It is said that the name "Shirakawa-go (White River Old-District)" also came from the white water.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • mid-October - mid-June

Access / Public Transport

  • 70 minutes from JR Takayama Station by the bus bound for Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa. Get off at Hirase-Onsen Bus stop, then 40 minutes taxi ride from the Bus stop.

Address / Location

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