Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula

Travel Guide - Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula


Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula is located in north-east part of Hokkaido.
The peninsula with rich natural environment is the first place which its nature with the ocean was designated as a World Heritage Site in Japan.
There is a mountain range of the Chishima volcanic belt including the 1,660 meters high Mt.
Rausu-yama in the middle of the peninsula.
In addition to salmons and brown bears, this is a home for many endangered wildlife species, such as Blakiston's Fish Owl and Viola kitamiana.

Its outstanding nature of waterfalls, lakes and mountains also attract visitors all over the world.
There are many hiking courses for exploring this area.
Sightseeing cruises around the peninsula are available all year round.
Watching drift ice floating on the ocean around the peninsula in winter is also a popular attraction.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • To Utoro from Shari: 60 minutes from JR Shiretoko-Shari Station (Shari Bus Terminal) by the bus bound for Shiretoko Five Lakes. Get off at Utoro-Onsen Bus Terminal.
  • To Utoro from Sapporo: 7 hours from Sapporo Chuo Bus Terminal by the bus bound for Shari (Eagle Liner). Get off at Utoro-Onsen Bus Terminal (Booking required).
  • To Utoro from Memanbetsu Airport: 130 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport by the bus bound for Utoro-Onsen. Get off at Utoro-Onsen Bus Terminal.

Address / Location

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