Shiretoko-toge Pass

Travel Guide - Shiretoko-toge Pass


Shiretoko-toge Pass is at the highest point of the National Route 334 (Shiretoko-odan Road), a 27 kilometers long road which crosses Shiretoko Peninsula from Utoro to Rausu.
From the observation deck at this point, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Mt.
Rausu with extensive forests, the Nemuro-kaikyo Strait and Kunashiri Island.
The National Route 334 (Shiretoko-Odan Road) is closed from November through April because of the snowfall.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • November - April

Access / Public Transport

  • 3 and half hours from JR Kushiro Station by the bus bound for Rausu. Get off at Rausu-Eigyosho, then take the bus for Utoro and get off at Shiretoko-toge Bus stop (25 minutes bus ride).

Address / Location

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#Shiretoko Pass Shiretoko Pass (#知床峠, Shiretoko Tōge, 740 meters above sea level) connects #Utoro on the western co…
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