Showa-no-Mori Kaikan

Travel Guide - Showa-no-Mori Kaikan


Showa-no-Mori Kaikan consists of Amagi Wasabi-no-Sato, the Izu Museum of Modern Literature, a forest information center called Mori-no-Jouhoukan, the former estate of novelist Inoue Yasushi, and Amagi Green Garden.
Local products are available at shops in the motorist service center “Amagi-goe”.

Amagi Wasabi-no-Sato is a Wasabi shop where you can enjoy pickled Wasabi making, with Wasabi grown in Amagi and a special Sake lees (Reservation is required 2 days prior to the session.
Call 0558-85-0999).

Izu Museum of Modern Literature exhibits include Inoue Yasushi's autograph manuscript and Kawabata Yasunari's autograph manuscript, "Izu no Odoriko (The Dancing Girl of Izu)", and other valuable items.

Mori-no-Jouhoukan offers informational exhibits on natural forests and forestry.

Amagi Green Garden is a 54,000 kilometers square garden where over 13,000 rhododendrons in 500 varieties bloom from April to May.
From the observation deck in the garden, you can see the Amagi Mountain Range and Mt. Fuji.

Opening Hours

  • 8:30 – 16:30
  • Amagi Wasabi-no-Sato: 8:30 - 17:00


  • 3rd Wednesday of each month

Access / Public Transport

  • 38 minutes from Shuzenji Station on the Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line by the bus bound for Kawazu-eki. Get off at Showa-no-Mori Kaikan Bus stop.

Address / Location

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