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Spa World is a spa facility where you can enjoy 16 types of baths from 11 countries all over the world.
These baths are divided into Europe Zone and Asia Zone, and each zone is assigned to each gender in rotation every month.

There are also stone baths, saunas, swimming pools with three big water sliders, aesthetic salons, a sports gym, tanning machines, restaurants and a souvenir shop in the facility.

Opening Hours

  • 10:00 - 8:45 of following morning


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Dobutsuen-mae Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line (M22) or Sakaisuji Line (K19)
  • 3 minutes walk from JR Shin-Imamiya Station

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
Tokyo Dome City
Tokyo Dome City is an exciting entertainment district centered around the all-weather baseball stadium "Tokyo Dome". Tokyo Dome City Attracti ...  more »
Iga-no-Sato Moku-Moku Tezukuri Farm
Moku-Moku Farm is a group of private farms open to the public. The produce, beer, and hams made by the farms are regarded highly world-wide.  ...  more »
Phoenix Seagaia Resort
Phoenix Seagaia Resort is a Pacific Ocean side resort surrounded by pine trees. This resort boasts four types of accommodation facility, worl ...  more »
Tsutenkaku Tower
Tsutenkaku Tower was originally built in 1912. The original tower was 64 meters high, and it was the highest building in the orient at that t ...  more »
Cosmo Tower (Osaka Prefectural Goverment Sakishima Building Observatory)
Cosmotower, 256 meters high, is the tallest tower in western Japan providing a variety of trade, information, and other business facilities o ...  more »
Osaka Dome (Kyocera Dome Osaka)
The big dome with futuristic look is used for baseball games and concerts. There are shops, attractions, beer halls, and a computer game cent ...  more »
Aqua-Liner River Cruise
Osaka is sometimes called as a city of waterways. Actually, there are a few rivers and canals on which you can cruise the city, taking in the ...  more »


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Call me or Whats App: +966583373046
Riyadh Massage spa Service Escort Massage Center, we have professional staff fr…
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Call me or Whats App: +966583373046
Riyadh Massage spa Service Escort Massage Center, we have professional staff fr…
Ayyomiii 🇳🇬 @LovelyInHeels - 2021-09-22
I swear I have a love/hate relationship w my career. It allows me to do things like taking a random spa day when th…
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One is off to a spa & peppa pig world, the other i…
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Resorts World Las Vegas Debuts Awana Spa
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@EITMonline Spa World is wonderful. Walking around naked when everyone else is doing it, it just makes it more comf…
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Commentator on the Nur-Sultan world feed, Pete Odgers is talking about the Rafa Nadal Academy where he spent some t…
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Electric Light @1Officialel - 2021-09-22
•Santos Auto
•Globo Dental
•A1 Nail Spa
•World Finance
•Dollar General
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Electric Light @1Officialel - 2021-09-22
•Santos Auto
•Globo Dental
•A1 Nail Spa
•World Finance
•Dollar General
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Let #SpaByJW slow your world down, for as long as you like while our ma…
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@kara_ja @Yikesberg_ Wi Spa. This is the world you support.
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@EITMonline I had a coworker when I still lived in Roanoke who would make trips to center like regularly to go to spa world.
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Happy to see 2 of my cars out on track for AXR, 2 Audi R8's, #41 and #88, competing in the World Tour Racing Spa 12…
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“Today is World Rhino Day.
Imagine that. A whole day dedicated to me.
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Saudi Arabia Observes World Alzheimer’s Day with Rest of World, to Raise Awareness and Improve Patients Services.…
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Do you need to unwind? Have you tried SpaWorld? They're always open.
Skunked Noa E @NeoNoaE - 2021-09-22
@regnar_art @_Brooding They need to open this spa all over the world~
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Excited to connect with our friends at @CrystalSprings, and Reflections Spa at Grand Cascade Lodge. Crystal Springs…
The Stylin Chick @stylin_the - 2021-09-22
Shhh🤫 It's an exclusive discount that can be availed via CALL ONLY. Grab your 30% OFF on select services!
Treat you…
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@Ryan__Reaper A DIP IN THE POOL
ExCuSe Me.
tHaNk YoU
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Spa in Manali Pooja Full Body Massage Center Is located at a Mall Road Manali Himchal Pradesh India. Manali Full…
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@annkillion The place was used as a hospital in WWII. Dorothy Draper was hired to redo the interiors after the war.…
Arnaud "V" Francois @Valdzor - 2021-09-20
@circuitspa @followWRT I can see myself ! Thanks for the awesome day, Spa really is the best track in the World
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Am I the only woman in the world who has absolutely no interest in Spa breaks? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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@KenGardner11 I remember SPA from school (Socrates Plato Aristotle). They disagreed a lot but Aristotle was the fat…
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@LuckyTony72 French Lavender Pillow Spray lol & get your hubby to give you a nice warm Spa Of The World oil massage 🤪🤗
Randi. @randiyo - 2021-09-20
I had the best masseuse in the world and she left the spa I was going to and I don’t know how to find her and it’s awful
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Saudi Arabia to Host International Weightlifting Federation Youth World Championships.
SketchMeAPlan @SketchMeAPlan - 2021-09-20
Do you need to unwind? Have you tried SpaWorld? They're always open.
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Hotel Cartesiano, embajador del World Wellness Weekend
#WellnessForYou #wellness #Travel #SPA #healthylifestyle…
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4111 S OCEAN DRIVE #2208, Hallandale, FL 33009

For Rent $5950 Spectacular 2/2 Condo with Ocean views in Hyde Reso…
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@jessesingal @CathyYoung63 The word “harm” is so loaded at this point

The Wi spa thing is mostly just a classic ex…
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A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa
Endless days in my chaise
The whole world according to moi....
𝗻𝗮𝗸𝗮𝗮 𝗸𝘂𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗸𝗮❁ @spa_2000 - 2021-09-20
Chelsea fans will find peace in their lives the day they find out that manchester united is the best team in the world.
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I think it is great of Family Leisure to have The World's Biggest Spa sale every weekend.
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Meet the team from World Spa Gurgaon. This merry bunch is on a mission as they #cycleforgold to raise awareness a…
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Today is World Bamboo Day, a day of celebration to increase global awareness of the benefits of bamboo sustainabili…
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@CarrieHFletcher (cont.) theatre. You being on that stage enhancing that is something which us fans are so grateful…
Dr Stephanie Aspin is marking @JoesJacket1 - 2021-09-19
@oddityofwings I think literature PhDs are just like a little imaginary world you can retreat into - for me, having…
Family Leisure @familyleisuresa - 2021-09-19
Our World's Biggest Spa Sale is still going on! Come in and check out all of our great deals!
Frantz Vallon @Frankw0007 - 2021-09-19
@Chemicalau @SebGorka 😂🤣you don’t get out much do you. There’s a big reality issue here. Trump mar-a-Lago hotel and…
Kate Cook @katercook - 2021-09-19
Husband: what do you want for your birthday? Me: a day of silence and self care in the forest. Scandinave Spa it is…
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In July 2021, UNESCO inscribed the Great Spa Towns of Europe onto its World Heritage list, recognising the impact t…
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ASMR The World's Greatest Hair Spa (Beijing)

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