Suzuka Circuit

Travel Guide - Suzuka Circuit


Suzuka Circuit is a 205,000 square meters of comprehensive leisure complex with an international racing course, an amusement park "Motopia", and a hotel.
The world-famous racing course is a venue of F1 and "Suzuka 8 Hours" races.

Motopia offers a variety of attractions which visitors can drive by themselves as well as live performances of the famous two-legged robot ASIMO.
There is also a spa facility called "Kur Garden" in the complex.

Opening Hours

  • 10:00 – 17:00 *varies according to the season and event
  • Motopia: 10:00 - 17:00 *varies according to the season
  • Kur Garden: 6:00 - 9:30, 11:00 - 24:00


  • Irregular

Access / Public Transport

  • 20 minutes from Shiroko Station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line by the bus bound for Suzuka Circuit. Get off at Suzuka Circuit Bus stop.

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
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Eero Hurmerinta @EeroH84 - 2021-09-23
@virtualstatman The biggest reason I like Monaco is because it's different to the every other circuit. As much as I…
F1 Silly Season Rumors Bot @F1RumorsBot - 2021-09-23
Suzuka Circuit will be moved to be the 16th race of the season.
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Tonight see's division 2 and division 1 take to the iconic circuit of suzuka, JAPAN.... Plenty of action to be seen…
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Watching the @schumacher film reminds me of seeing these signs in Shiroko on my way to Suzuka circuit…
F1 Silly Season Rumors Bot @F1RumorsBot - 2021-09-22
Nicholas Latifi will win the Marvel Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit driving for Red Bull.
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@ESV_Breeze @FTCHooper Don't tell him about the pit exit at Suzuka West Circuit 😂😂
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Top 3 in all 6 divisions after Austria! This week we are at the beautiful Suzuka circuit! #mwf1 #FormulaOne…
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L - long beach
U - there is none :(
C - circuit of the americas
A - albert park
S - suzuka circuit
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Colgate Grand Prix at Hard Rock Stadium Circuit will replace Suzuka Circuit next year as the 3rd race of the season.
F1 Silly Season Rumors Bot @F1RumorsBot - 2021-09-21
The Suzuka Circuit Grand Prix will be sponsored by FedEx.
Gerardo tovar @Gerardof1fan40 - 2021-09-21
@SChecoPerez @HondaRacingF1 Honda #1 Engine. Remember 1988.
Soichiro Honda the best!! A Legend.
Japanese people lo…
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@MercedesAMGF1 @PET_Motorsports @MercedesAMG @amgmotorsport With this car on Suzuka circuit.
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Williams 2003 suzuka circuit
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@RubenReenders @CrystalRacing His fifth place in Japan 2002 was more popular than the Schumacher win.
He was always…
Apex Traxs replica race tracks & circuit wall art @apextraxs - 2021-09-20
Suzuka circuit replica wall art #replica #wallart #suzuka #motorsport #motorracing #circuit…
Pudding Prince @Puddince_Macka - 2021-09-20
#Suzuka Circuit has many attractive facilities including #FormulaOne track. FB suzuka_event #Japan #motorsport
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Prep done (complete with a terrible sketch of the Suzuka Circuit 😂) live at 8 BST tonight @OffTheLineRaci1:…
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Happy 59th birthday, Suzuka Circuit🎉
My favorite place, and the birthplace of many dramas. I hope to see many of my…
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Lotus Evora GTR4 at Suzuka Circuit in the Raceroom weekly ranked. via @YouTube
Pudding Prince @Puddince_Macka - 2021-09-19
#Suzuka Circuit has many attractive facilities including #FormulaOne track. Information #Japan #race
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#STaiTV is LIVE from Suzuka Circuit! The green flag is less than two hours away.

#SuperTaikyu #S耐
ボクらのゲーム日和 @bokuranogameday - 2021-09-19
#PS4share #GTSPORT #ボクらのゲーム日和
Season6-2 2021.9.19 BGD GTSPORT N300 RACE
Entry player:16
ボクらのゲーム日和 @bokuranogameday - 2021-09-19
#PS4share #GTSPORT #ボクらのゲーム日和
Season6-2 2021.9.19 BGD GTSPORT N300 RACE
Entry player:16
Apex Traxs replica race tracks & circuit wall art @apextraxs - 2021-09-18
Suzuka circuit replica wall art #replica #wallart #suzuka #motorsport #motorracing #circuit…
Chevy48 @chevychevelle48 - 2021-09-18
Suzuka, Silverstone, Monza, Spa, Circuit Gilles Villanueve, or Melbourne.
F1 Silly Season Rumors Bot @F1RumorsBot - 2021-09-18
Dennis Hauger will win the Ferrari Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit driving for Chevrolet.
F1 Silly Season Rumors Bot @F1RumorsBot - 2021-09-18
Max Verstappen will win the Google Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit driving for Mercedes.
rcb has given me clinical depression @rishitshit - 2021-09-18
@Jas_SV5 it's still a great circuit and Suzuka is better than fuji