Takeshita-dori Street

Travel Guide - Takeshita-dori Street


Takeshita-dori is a 350-meter long street from JR Harajuku Station to Meiji-dori Avenue.
The street is lined with shops specifically for attracting young people.
These shop fronts display colorful goods starting from accessories to clothing, popular character and celerity merchandise, as well as crape shops.
The latest young fashion trends emerge from this energetic street and always attract many young teenage girls and boys, who can be seen walking along this street eating ice cream or crepes in the typical Harajuku style.

Opening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public Transport

  • Short walk from JR Harajuku Station
  • 5 minutes walk from Meijijingu-mae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (C03)

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.


👊🏻 Spirit #AokiStrong@BeMcCooley - 2021/10/27 21:39
What's fun about this tournament is you can make a case for nearly everyone. Very few, if any, have a real shot at… https://t.co/LbtQbsEfJW
BURA BURA TV@buraburaTV - 2021/10/27 16:38
During the summer vacation of Covid-19, I went around the quiet Takeshita Street without the usual crowds.… https://t.co/eB5fmbwN43
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/27 15:07
Starting to pick up mandarin and hopefully Tamil next ㅠㅠ
Want to speak to the aunties and get better market prices lmao
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/27 15:04
>me, learnt to write in 6 languages and speak in 6 languages
>me, not fluent in any of them
>including your mother… https://t.co/2M0sN9eDz1
👊🏻 Spirit #AokiStrong@BeMcCooley - 2021/10/27 13:42
@YanquinM Last Takeshita HARASHIMA match went HARASHIMA’s way and ended the last reign, right?
ふぁら🎀風羅@farrahakase - 2021/10/27 09:14
Me @ Ibushi and Takeshita https://t.co/vczxWhwfiw
Bob Cromwell@ToiletGuru - 2021/10/27 04:48
Japanese entertainer, idol, actress, and singer Miyuki Imori, born OTD in 1968, made her professional singing debut… https://t.co/Ad7HQKIWDg
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/27 01:50
Without the other 2, tak nampak langsung macam 11 orang 😂😭❤️❤️❤️ They look so cute tho 🥺❤️ https://t.co/8Gk9z6O7KX
あやせ@池ハロ30,a!6.7@ll_axss - 2021/10/26 18:06
@Takeshita__cos 𝑩𝑰𝑮 𝑳𝑶𝑽𝑬――
ふぁら🎀風羅@farrahakase - 2021/10/26 13:45
Takeshita will distract me while Ibushi is healing 😇 though to be fair, as much as I simp hard for Ibushi Take is a… https://t.co/LkLvKE2sU8
omegogo mango@omegogo - 2021/10/26 12:33
@secondhinadori {Rosier} / Esme Dress / Maitreya Flat (Black)

ARATA - Takeshita head dress

* EXiA * Nicol Heels &… https://t.co/ktzAwEVqgW
Ryan Fitzpatrick 🤙🏻@rynfitz - 2021/10/26 12:11
@takeshita_kenji 👋🏻 but 😘 701 Dexter.
Lewis Wall@quietfanatic - 2021/10/26 11:58
@takeshita_kenji (I've actually given people my https://t.co/CJkia0yxiv address for a long time, but Google likes t… https://t.co/rCCJOv5iuS
Lewis Wall@quietfanatic - 2021/10/26 11:56
@takeshita_kenji My family has had our own mail server for a while, but maintaining and using it was a bit annoying… https://t.co/IA5U8J2p7L
竹下憲二@takeshita_kenji - 2021/10/26 10:36
@quietfanatic Did you stand up your own mail server?
normalpilled@ivalicealliance - 2021/10/26 10:16
@agilaogem Takeshita went crazy on the 3rd OST
Matteo 🇲🇽@MatteoMerdok - 2021/10/26 09:12
I hardly ever watch DDT but Brookes vs Takeshita from this year is really great.
Kaedo@Kaedo_King - 2021/10/26 08:32
@Swag_NSA Feels a bit odd to do that, but I guess I can relate to Takeshita Yamamoto the most.
markus@Electro521 - 2021/10/26 07:38
omega/ibushi vs endo/takeshita. my favorite match ever https://t.co/tDdkO9vLKr
BURA BURA TV@buraburaTV - 2021/10/26 07:08
During the summer vacation of Covid-19, I went around the quiet Takeshita Street without the usual crowds.… https://t.co/ki36G4VMpZ
竹下憲二@takeshita_kenji - 2021/10/26 06:44
@MikeLindblom Or drink one shot of very expensive whisky.
Lian 𓅪 BAHIYYIH DEBUT@KneelLian - 2021/10/26 06:40
@txteenager o takeshita 😭😭
Daily Trails Music@DailyKisekiOST - 2021/10/26 06:00
Song: Royal Castle at Dusk

Game: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Album: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd OS… https://t.co/ot4OwKsh1S
Jason Whittaker@Blake2_0 - 2021/10/26 04:19
Takeshita Dori from last time I visited Tokyo was more like the usual melee (though we’d often wait and wait and wa… https://t.co/Zc0tQWeELf
Wrestling Fan@AEWFan0 - 2021/10/26 01:56
I hope Takeshita can come back to AEW someday.
竹下憲二@takeshita_kenji - 2021/10/26 00:53
The new Roosevelt #linklightrail station was pretty nice. #Seattle #soundtransit

竹下憲二@takeshita_kenji - 2021/10/26 00:35
Hope none of you were partial to 701 Dexter Avenue. I know I wasn't! #Seattle #seabikes #demolition… https://t.co/QmD9mbQ3B1
ふぁら🎀風羅@farrahakase - 2021/10/25 23:28
Takeshita with long hair! He’s evolving. ☺️ https://t.co/rCQnXRYbn6
Juan Nunez@FadedEndless - 2021/10/25 22:21
@didic Depends on where the talent is booked. Maki Itoh and Ryo Mizunami's profile was increased by wrestling on Dy… https://t.co/INGeWLgNb9
Normandy@Avresq - 2021/10/25 22:05
@takeshita_kenji Cars are just way more expensive than walking, cycling, or transit.
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/25 21:37
@KPOPvotestudio Seventeen~! ❤️❤️❤️
#SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #SVT_Rockwithyou #Attacca
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/25 21:22
Hi, 😳 if anyone got a crush on me 😳 or like me 😳 would you mind 😳 buying me Attacca CARAT version 😳❤️ Less than RM… https://t.co/3ihBxnKQlr
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/25 18:10
This is literally the sign for me. LETS FUCKING GOOOOO https://t.co/Q7RDsIJj9m
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/25 18:09
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/25 15:04
Man's wild. Do it again. https://t.co/jvo82TCLMb
way down halloweentown 💋@_kueller - 2021/10/25 08:49
@TractorLaw @takeshita_kenji @zum_mickey73 @NBCNews As a start there could be more assistance to the densest cities… https://t.co/FyZ6yWbNL7
Dan@TractorLaw - 2021/10/25 08:38
@takeshita_kenji @_kueller @zum_mickey73 @NBCNews So again, what's your alternative?
竹下憲二@takeshita_kenji - 2021/10/25 08:37
Kind of sad how everybody assumes everybody else already has a car or can afford to obtain one.
竹下憲二@takeshita_kenji - 2021/10/25 08:35
@TractorLaw @_kueller @zum_mickey73 @NBCNews Poor people are punished even more by the need to buy, maintain, and fuel a car.
John@IngredientxKim - 2021/10/25 08:26
@mio_okazaki Takeshita from DDT
Dan@TractorLaw - 2021/10/25 08:22
@takeshita_kenji @_kueller @zum_mickey73 @NBCNews And let me guess, your 'advocacy' will consist of a shitload of t… https://t.co/EzeKd8UH3o
BURA BURA TV@buraburaTV - 2021/10/25 06:50
During the summer vacation of Covid-19, I went around the quiet Takeshita Street without the usual crowds.… https://t.co/Pk3yxbfOVu
竹下憲二@takeshita_kenji - 2021/10/25 03:33
@_kueller @zum_mickey73 @NBCNews That's the point so many people miss. We aren't advocating using one tool for all… https://t.co/2SGP1vgsiQ
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/25 00:16
Leo comeback with 'nam a isseo'🥺❤️❤️❤️

#레오 #LEO #남아있어 #ImStillHere
#20211102_6PM https://t.co/ea1EQAebSk
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/24 23:55
#세븐틴 #Attacca #SEVENTEEN
#Rockwithyou… https://t.co/PLRhKGez0Y
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/24 23:51
My favourite song, I Can't Run Away is playing 🥺❤️❤️❤️
#세븐틴  #Attacca #Rockwithyou
#HallyuERASeventeenParty… https://t.co/f9Ul4LK2DX
Kuma #GoldenStar@golden_kuma - 2021/10/24 21:38
I think this title match was somewhat similar to the WP2 main event. Takeshita in the Miyu role and Brookes in the… https://t.co/JfLuVihXVR
Kuma #GoldenStar@golden_kuma - 2021/10/24 19:35
Kuma's random match thread

(1) Konosuke Takeshita vs. Chris Brookes - Who's Gonna Top? 2021

Very weird match. I h… https://t.co/I4gyzrp874
Nick Noel@GriiffinNoel - 2021/10/24 17:56
Most Underrated Eddie Edwards
Best Tag Team Young Bucks
Best moment Hangman returns

Worst Gimmick: Magic Alexa Bli… https://t.co/5let45DiD1
🎼⛵@L_Takeshita - 2021/10/24 15:27
The Caratiny struggle are real huh?
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