The Fish

Travel Guide - The Fish


Situated near the Kanaya Port, "The Fish" is a tourist facility comprised of restaurants, shops, and a fish market within a building with a glass wall to overlook the sea view.
Visitors can enjoy the fresh seafood dishes such as Sushi and barbecue at the restaurants, shopping at the several kinds of shops and the fish market including the Chiba's largest souvenir shop which sells 4,000 local items.
The Baumkuchen from the sweets shop in the facility called "Minami-tei" has received gold prize for Monde Selection in 2006 and 2007.

Opening Hours

  • 11:00 - 17:30
  • 11:00 - 18:00 (Sundays, National holidays)


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 5 minutes walk from JR Hamakanaya Station

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
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@sunnythacreator Only think I object to is the fish pasta shouldn't have cheese on.
Arbeitology @Arbeit_Fish - 2021-09-25
Guy at my work has got such a bad case of the masculinity, hes following the handy man around the building watching…
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@varunshivdasani 😂😂 just been to the petrol station 🤭 it remainds me of the fuel shortages from back home in the “C…
Costel @Costel60068109 - 2021-09-25
😂😂 just been to the petrol station 🤭 it remainds me of the fuel shortages from back home in the “COMMUNIST ERA “ G…
Darrin Everitt @DRE_Go_Fish - 2021-09-25
Hey #CraftBeer friends, cheers to the weekend 🍻
@JonMontag @RockStahr @MisterTHistory @OkiTimes @badhopper…
Dr Eva Plaganyi @EPlaganyi - 2021-09-25
After a week of fish research it’s time to pay attention to the birds again - a stunning red-browed #finch to brigh…
Emmy @McCartney000 - 2021-09-25
@Zanghi_0 Lmaooooo not the fish please, fish was super amazing 😝
Greenisland FC @GreenislandFC - 2021-09-25
Many thanks to Juniors Fish & Chips - Newtownabbey for their continued support. The Girls 'WeeOnes' look great in t…
Jalyssa 🌸✨ @Corgisandfish - 2021-09-25
I have 9 hours before the auction ends for a fish i bid on.
Kinda hoping she makes it safe and this seller doesnt…
Juan Powerball @juanpowerball - 2021-09-25
@BeaumontSimon @WACA_Cricket I have no issues with the word batter, even though it does remind me of fried fish. I…
Katie Morrill @KatieMorrill6 - 2021-09-25
@jack07012047 @michellemosier #qotw6 #drmtheo111 I liked the example you used of Jonah being swallowed by the fish.…
Kemo Bojang 🇬🇲 @kemo_bojang - 2021-09-25
@KejeraL The water body is depleted. There’s no fish, I come from a coastal town, live here and I can tell you this for free.
Lisa Russ @snapdragonwolf - 2021-09-25
The moon twinkles sweetly in the lake. 'Why do you follow me?' the little fish asked, curiously. But, he always had some light to jump by.
Lloyd Bunce @notbuncy - 2021-09-25
@DRE_Go_Fish @JonMontag @RockStahr @MisterTHistory @OkiTimes @badhopper @Just4BeerLovers @JohanBBT @RealBMaxwell…
Spaceship 2 Mars @CryptocaptainX - 2021-09-25
@CharlieShrem spewing, there is 2 carps asian jumping and the ones we have up north that people fish for but both spawn this way 😉
Stephie @notorious_fish - 2021-09-25
@sweetlolixo People really need to get a grasp on reality and stop this harassment. I’m so sorry you’re still havin…
Tonia🌻 @GirlOfYurrDream - 2021-09-25
The fishermen not making no money cause the restaurants not buying any fish from them.. mweh mem you, who feels it knows it ih mun
WOopswoAH 💉💉 @WoopsWoah - 2021-09-25
@LanceForman @Fothers_Minor @benhabib6 @Kilsally WOW, people will be queuing around the block to get BRITISH fish w…
christy ⚡️ @tequilleoatmeal - 2021-09-25
I shaved my entire body earlier and now I’m sliding around the bed like Shamu on land trying to catch fish
lix+pepi week!!!!!!! 🌼 @SandyRoses6 - 2021-09-25
some people r like 'o fish r so dumb if an octopus and a cuttlefish did the color shifting thing to stun me i'd jus…
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one of these days i need to try to read banana fish again... i shouldn't have stopped it in the middle 😕
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@plaguespanics 1. From 1455 to the 1530s, the island of Madeira was completely deforested.
2. By 2050, there will b…
👸🏾 @S0UTHERN_BEAUTI - 2021-09-25
Why am I craving fried fish? Is this the Lord telling me the to fry fish tonight?
BIG NIK @shi_hamp - 2021-09-22
I’m down by the water, watching people fish and there’s dolphins swimming by. It’s so peaceful.
Bishop Syc-of-it-All @PazzyJ - 2021-09-22
@ActNormalOrElse My eyes were flash fried by the sun reflecting off of the Reel Big Fish horn section at warped tour, ska exists
CM0102TeamGB @CM0102TeamGB - 2021-09-22
Team GB in, did ok beating Roma in the warm up, we go unchanged from that team but are finding the @SwempFA league…
ChrisP @Wordsmithgetxo - 2021-09-22
@dragonknits @Loudbasket The fish menu at a posh restaurant near us here used to include “git head”.

I assume (at…
Dire-Maker @DireMakerBand - 2021-09-22
@Baeson10 Shoulda kept this secret. The US govt is going to start rounding up puffer fish and charging them with drug dealing.
Erkki Juurus @iurus - 2021-09-22
@KenDBerryMD Speaking of small ‘stinky’ fish, I just ate my dinner, a plateful of smelts fried in butter. *Urp*
GLI @GLI222 - 2021-09-22
@UberFacts Animal House, Blues Brothers, Naked Gun, Airplane, Grease, A Fish Called Wanda, The Godfather and Raiders of the Last Arc...
Greg Bullock @Greg00412 - 2021-09-22
@Torgoch Is that where the canal starts? Saw some good fish in there once.
HSLR @bibirioni - 2021-09-22
@Ianliam6 @gabrieloguda Wait…I didn’t see that coming…I have shared with you statistics pre and post handsheikkk. P…
Janet T-Tremaine @T21Jan - 2021-09-22
@spectator @FacundoSavala When 2 fish become fishpaste and the SNP minions follow like sardines unaware of the fact…
JazzyJ @jazzyj11_ - 2021-09-22
‘The Fish Don’t Fry in The Kitchen 3000’

Old school dusta 😂😂😂😂😂
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@buffaloon @politicususa Fish Face and Bourbon Hangover Face. The one in the middle is Eff Face!
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I admire people who walk the walk in their bios. They lead by example. I hope Fish proves to be a good leader.
SSW to La Joya @fractalitics - 2021-09-22
After Albedo's run idc what genshin players say about 'must skips' anymore. I will pull my fish girl if it's the last thing I do.
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@iamdanlevey *Monsters microwave fish in the break room.
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@kevingullett3 @mchooyah You need to talk to a real military person. You’ll find it’s a joke. You can’t just leave…
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ok so today I had my hair up and in science we were doing a practical so someone made a joke about me being prepare…
explosivescrunkly @explosivemochi - 2021-09-22
The way that I watched banana fish to ep 10. Had a breakdown and I'm mentally unable to watch it again like no than…
karen 12 @finecullens - 2021-09-22
he’s the only exception when it comes to posting a pic of him and a dead fish ….
prisma 🫀 @pr1zmaa - 2021-09-22
love it when the a/c at school isn’t working and we’re cooking in here like fish sticks in an air fryer 😁😁
𝐇𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕠𝕗 𝐖𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕤 @DlSCourtesy - 2021-09-22
' Oh, they like me. Everyone likes me — I mean, I'm Big Man Tommyinnit! '

Such confidence filled the lad while he…
𝐇𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕠𝕗 𝐖𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕤 @DlSCourtesy - 2021-09-22
A series of loud screeches from the boy as the cat would attack him with little mercy, leaving him scratched up & r…
𝕿𝖊𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖟𝖎𝖆 🗝 @TeresaBalbo - 2021-09-22
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💤 @zz__998 - 2021-09-22
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@mixoIydians ahh I see i see, just did her trial too (im on asia server as well) and … yeahh the fish movement is cool
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I missed the part about Mauric…
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