Tobi-shima Island

Travel Guide - Tobi-shima Island


Located 39 kilometers northwest from Sakata City, Tobi-shima Island is a small island, with a circumference of some 10.2 kilometers and 2.7 square kilometers in size.
It only takes half a day to walk around the island.

Tobi-shima Island was designated as a quasi-national park in 1963 and attracts many people especially for swimming and diving because the seawater around the island is incredibly warm and clear even though the fact that the island is located in the northern Sea of Japan.
The island is also a famous stopping point for migratory birds, and lots of kinds of birds, such as black-tailed gulls, blue whistling thrush and bohemian waxwings, can be seen here.
The other attractions of the island are rugged cliffs, sea caves, and excellent fishing.
You can also organize boat trips out to smaller islands.
There are more than a dozen Ryokan and Minshuku inns on the island for staying.

Opening Hours

  • Ferry from Sakata Port: 9:30 only *Booking required for other ferries.


  • Accomodations on the island: November - April

Access / Public Transport

  • 10 minutes from JR Sakata Station by the bus bound for Tsuruoka. Get off at Yamagata Ginko-mae Bus stop. Then take a ferry "Tobishima" from Sakata Port (75 minutes ride to the island).
  • 30 minutes walk from JR Sakata Station. Then take a ferry "Tobishima" from Sakata Port (75 minutes ride to the island).

Address / Location

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