Tsukigase-Baikei (Tsukigase Plum Valley)

Travel Guide - Tsukigase-Baikei (Tsukigase Plum Valley)


It is said that Tsukigase-Baikei (Tsukigase Plum Valley) is one of the best spot to see plum trees in the Kansai area.
There are about 10,000 plum trees stands along the Nabari-gawa River, which runs in the middle of the valley.
The beautiful scenery of the valley covered with white and red plum blossoms can be seen in February and March.
Matsuo Basho, a one of the best-known Haiku poets, expressed his amazement in his Haiku when he visited here.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 30 minutes from Ueno-shi Station on the Iga Railway Iga Line by the bus bound for Momogano. Get off at Oyama Bus stop.

Address / Location

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