Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge

Travel Guide - Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge


Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge is a big bridge which connects Aomi and Ariake.
The bridge is exclusively for pedestrians and bicycles.
The bridge has a maximum width of 60 meters, which is the widest pedestrian bridge in Japan.
The overall length of the bridge is 360 meters.
The great view of Odaiba with the Ferris wheel at Palette Town seen from the bridge is very popular.

Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line
  • 8 minutes walk from Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line (U10)

Address / Location

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japantotheworld.com @japan2theworld - 2021-08-04
The Second Olympic Flame Cauldron Display at the Ariake Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge
#TokyoOlympics2020 #Olympics… https://t.co/tWjf7xwwdQ
FJJournal @FJJOfficial - 2021-07-27
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government confirmed on Tuesday 2,848 new #COVID19 cases in the capital, the highest daily c… https://t.co/p96SfPHuIn
european pressphoto agency @epaphotos - 2021-07-25
The Olympic Flame burns on the Yume no Ohashi bridge during the Tokyo Olympic Games, in Tokyo, Japan, 25 July 2021.… https://t.co/rQ3ReVXD9c
Tristan Lavier @trilavier - 2021-07-24
🔥 The Olympic Flame is now on Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge

📍 https://t.co/kbRgiOHNMt
📸 Photo by #Tokyo2020 https://t.co/6myGRHbt5J
insidethegames @insidethegames - 2021-07-24
The #OlympicFlame will be housed at the Ariake Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge on the Tokyo waterfront.

The Flame will burn… https://t.co/pZG4PKe0Oh
Fake Protagonist @I_am_Bryan_12 - 2021-04-26
Take me to Yume no Ohashi Bridge
naye @unnaye - 2021-03-17
Watching Cherry Magic has the side effect of making me ACHE for Japan. They filmed most of it on Odaiba, as far as… https://t.co/cMbqDcy9zH
メイドグルイ @fr4ntic_ru - 2020-11-22
that's Cascade, located in Mizu no Hiroba Park

brigde to the right is Yume no Ohashi, 'Bridge of Dreams'

left bui… https://t.co/czFHhq0eS4
Kent_Falter (Eiji Akaso's Love) 🎮👦🙇x🍒✨ @FalterKent - 2020-11-08
On our next visit to Japan, my partner and I will do a pilgrimage in these places and follow the steps of Kurodachi… https://t.co/1PHLVHzB1P
Kent_Falter (Eiji Akaso's Love) 🎮👦🙇x🍒✨ @FalterKent - 2020-11-08
On our next visit to Japan, my partner and I will do a pilgrimage in these places and follow the steps of Kurodachi… https://t.co/1PHLVHzB1P
Shinnosuke @hidenmetal - 2020-09-29
this icon photo took at Yume no Ohashi Bridge Located KR W's finale
Philip @VoxScorpio - 2020-02-09
Tokyo’s Yume-no-ohashi - or “Dream Bridge” - has scenes from historical wood-block prints with traditional images… https://t.co/eOorO6KNX7
Aaron Bauer @ABauer_ATR - 2018-12-17
#Tokyo2020 announces that during the #Olympics the Olympic flame will be displayed in a second cauldron on the Aria… https://t.co/6Ldu3TMqSH
MOVIEW|映画・アニメ・特撮 @moviewjp - 2018-12-04
anime pilgrimage

Yume-no-ohashi Bridge

#animepilgrimage #animetourism #filmlocation
#Japan #Tokyo… https://t.co/nsSA1iB6ma
LIMOTAXI @tokyotaxi1 - 2016-06-06
<<Yume no Ohashi- Bridge of Dreams>>

There's a very wide bridge in Odaiba
called 'Yume no... https://t.co/9LZYmze2qN