Yunokawa Onsen Hot Spring

Travel Guide - Yunokawa Onsen Hot Spring


Yunokawa Onsen is the oldest hot-spring resort in Hokkaido.
It is said that the wounded warriors healed themselves here during the time of the Boshin War (1868 - 1869).

There is a tranquil feeling in the town, although it is a prominent hot-spring resort in Hakodate with about 30 Ryokan inns situated on both sides of the Matsukura River, which flows through the town into the Straits of Tsugaru.

Opening Hours

  • Varies according to the shop / facility


  • Varies according to the shop / facility

Access / Public Transport

  • Around Yunokawa-Onsen Station on the Hakodate City Tram

Address / Location

* Please click each address to show the location.
Yachigashira Spa
Yachigashira Spa is a large public bathhouse operated by Hakodate City. The public bath opens from early morning and accommodates 600 people. ...  more »
Yunohira Onsen Hot Spring
Yunohira Onsen is a hot spring resort located in the middle of Yufu. Surrounded by the mountains, about 30 of inns and shops lined up along a ...  more »
Tsukahara Onsen Hot Spring
Tsukahara Onsen Hot Spring gushes out from a steam-breathing active crater called "Tukahara-jigoku", or Tsukahara Hell, on the mountainside o ...  more »
Goryokaku Park / Goryokaku Tower
Goryokaku, a five-cornered fort, is Japan’s first Western-style fort. The fort was completed in 1864 after 7 years of construction work. Hiji ...  more »
It is a historical fact that the first Tokugawa Shogun Ieyasu, the eighth Shogun Yoshimune, and the tenth Shogun Ieharu, had hot spring water ...  more »
Tamatsukuri Onsen Hot Spring
Tamatsukuri Onsen Hot Spring was mentioned in the Chronicles of Izumo Province (Izumo Fudoki), in which it is written that even the gods enjo ...  more »
Kawayu Onsen Hot Spring
Hot waters from deep below the Kii mountain range bubble to the surface on the river bank of Oto-gawa River, a tributary of the Kumano-gawa R ...  more »

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Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden (Hot-Tubbing Monkeys). During winter, can see monkeys soaking in a hot spring a…
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Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden (Hot-Tubbing Monkeys). During winter, can see monkeys soaking in a hot spring a…
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