Yuushi-en Garden

Travel Guide - Yuushi-en Garden


Located in Daikon-shima Island, Yuushi-en consists of a 40,000 square-meter garden with the peony flower as its predominant symbol.
In the "House of Peony", large flowered peony can be viewed in bloom year-round.
The garden also incorporates the volcanic rock on which Daikon-shima Island is formed into the garden's design.
And unlike other gardens that are created to be viewed, Yuushi-en is designed as a walk-through garden.

There are also a restaurant and café both serving high quality food and beverages.
The restaurant provides patrons with a lovely garden-view, and serves fine cuisine utilizing local ingredients such as the wildly popular Daikon-shima Ginseng.

Opening Hours

  • 8:30 - 17:30


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 25 minutes from JR Matsue Station by Matsue-Sakaiminato Shuttle Bus.Get off at Yuushien Bus stop.
  • 45 minutes from JR Matsue Station by the bus bound for Yatsukacho, Yatsukacho-chuo or Joshiko.Get off at Yatsukacho-chuo Bus stop.

Address / Location

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