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Zojo-ji Temple was founded in 1393 as a fundamental Nembutsu seminary of the Jodo-shu School in east Japan.
The temple became prosperous after being selected as one of the family temples of the Tokugawa Shogunate in the Edo Period (1603 - 1868).
There are tombs of six Tokugawa Shoguns, including that of the second Shogun Hidetada, in the temple.

Even though the most of buildings were burnt down during the World War II, the red-lacquered Sangedatsu-mon Gate constructed in 1605 still remains as an original architectural remainder of the early 17th century.
The gate is now designated as an important cultural property of Japan.

Opening Hours

  • 9:00 – 17:00


  • No closing days

Access / Public Transport

  • 3 minutes walk from Onarimon Station on the Toei Mita Line (I06)
  • 6 minutes walk from Daimon Station on the Toei Asakusa Line (A09) or Toei Oedo Line (E20)
  • 10 minutes walk from JR Hamamatsucho Station

Address / Location

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Zojo-ji - The temple with Buddhist monks ceremonies
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Winter woodblock prints by Hasui Kawase:

1-Shiba Zôjôji from series '20 views of Tokyo'-1925
2-Snow at Ueno Kiyomi… https://t.co/ZB6tUUoE5e
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Zojo-ji - The temple with Buddhist monks ceremonies
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Zojo-ji - The temple with Buddhist monks ceremonies
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Zojo-ji - The temple with Buddhist monks ceremonies
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