Ueno / Asakusa / Shibamata

Ueno, Tokyo

Ueno is a vibrant town where you can feel history and culture. Solemn museum buildings are scattered throughout Ueno Park. The lively stores are typically found downtown. You can find here both healing power and excitement.

Ameya Yokocho (Ameyoko)
Located along the JR line tracks between Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station, Ameya Yokocho (generally called by its abbreviated name, Ameyo …  more »
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Calligraphy Museum
Calligraphy Museum was founded by Fusetsu Nakamura, an artist of western painting and oriental calligraphy, in 1936.
The museum holds approxi …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Gojoten-jinja Shrine
Gojoten-jinja Shrine is a shrine dedicated to medicinal gods.
The shrine is one of the oldest in Ueno, having been documented as occupying th …  more »
Ichiyo Memorial Hall
This literary resource center displays items such as handwritten manuscripts and personal mementos of Higuchi Ichiyo, a female Japanese autho …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Ikenami Shotaro Memorial Museum
Located in Taito-ku Lifelong Learning Center, the museum holds numerous documents relating to the writer Ikenam Shotaro’s works, and exhibits …  more »
Museum / Gallery
International Library of Children's Literature
International Library of Children’s Literature (ILCL) is the national library specialized in children’s literature.
The ILCL provides interna …  more »
Museum / GalleryOthers
Ishibashi Memorial Hall, Ueno Gakuen
Ishibashi Memorial Hall is a classical concert hall which features a fine German pipe organ, re-opened in 2010.
Monthly lunchtime concert ser …  more »
EntertainmentMuseum / Gallery
Kanei-ji Temple
Kanei-ji Temple was originally built in 1625 as a family temple of the Tokugawas by the high Buddhist priest Tenkai, who had a great respect  …  more »
Kiyomizu Kannon-do
Established as a small replica of Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera Tepmle by the High Priest Tenkai in 1631, the Hondo as well as the wooden case contai …  more »
Kuroda Memorial Hall
The “father of modern Japanese painting”, Seiki Kuroda (1866 – 1924) left his last will to use a part of his inheritance to promote Japanese  …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Garden
Built in 1896 as the principal residence of the Iwasaki family, founder of the Mitsubishi corporation.
It is a magnificent Western-style res …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo
National Museum of Nature and Science is Japan’s nationally administrated comprehensive science museum and is a central institute for researc …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Negishi Sanpei-do
Negishi Sanpei-do is a memorial museum established in honor of Hayashiya Sampei, a master of Rakugo (comic story telling) performer of the Sh …  more »
Oedo Ueno Hirokoji-tei
Oedo Ueno Hirokoji-tei is a small Japanese-style vaudeville theater with 100 seats where you can watch Rakugo (comic storytelling) performers …  more »
Onoterusaki-jinja Shrine
Fuji-zuka (Mini Fuji), modeled after Mount Fuji, is built on the grounds of Onoterusaki-jinja Shrine, and has been designated as an important …  more »
Saizo-in Fudo-do Temple (Ogyo-no-Matsu)
Known since the Edo era (1603 – 1868) as “Negishi-no-Omatsu”, or the big pine tree of Negishi, this famous pine tree in Saizo-in Fudo-do has  …  more »
Seikyo-ji Temple
Seikyo-ji Temple is said to have been established in the 1600s.
The temple is famous for the renowned Ukiyo-e artist Katsuhika Hokusai’s grav …  more »
Shiki-an is the house in which the poet Masaoka Shiki convalesced during his later years, after sending for his mother and sister from his ho …  more »
HistoryMuseum / Gallery
Shingen-ji Temple (Iriya Kishimojin)
Shingen-ji Temple, known for the Iriya Kishimojin, is one of the “Three Edo Kishimojin Temples” along with Homyo-ji Temple in Zoshigaya and H …  more »
Shitamachi Museum
Shitamachi Museum serves to pass on the culture and traditions of Shitamachi to future generations.
Shitamachi means the downtown quarters of …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Shobo-in Temple (Tobi-Fudoson)
Established in 1530, Shobo-in Temple is commonly called “Tobi-Fudoson (Flying Deity)” because the temple is famous for its Fudo guardian god  …  more »
Sogakudo Concert Hall, Tokyo University of the Arts
The concert hall at Tokyo University of the Arts, featuring a large pipe organ built by French company, Garnier.
Its movable ceiling allows t …  more »
Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School
Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School is Japan’s first western-style concert hall with a wooden structure, built in 1890.
Numerous celebr …  more »
Sogen-ji Temple (Kappa-dera)
A legend, which is associated with Sogen-ji Temple and the Kappa-bashi Bridge near the temple, says Kappas that lived around here helped a me …  more »
Suzumoto Entertainment Theater (Suzumoto Engei-jo)
Suzumoto Entertainment Theater was opened as a storytelling theater called “Gundan Honmoku-tei” in 1857.
Then it was reopened as a vaudeville …  more »
The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo (NMWA) was established in 1959.
It is Japan’s only national art museum that features a wide range o …  more »
Museum / Gallery
The Ueno Royal Museum (Ueno-no-Mori Museum)
Operated by the Japan Art Association presided over by the Prince Hitachi, the Ueno Royal Museum opened in 1972.
The museum holds many projec …  more »
Museum / Gallery
The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts
This art museum is inside Tokyo University of Arts, Japan’s only national university of the arts.
Including graduation works from the Meiji P …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is a concert hall built in 1961 as one of the projects to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo (the con …  more »
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is a historic museum established in 1926 inside the Ueno Park as the first public museum in Japan.
The museum h …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Tokyo National Museum
Opened in 1872, Tokyo National Museum is the oldest museum in Japan.
The museum has the world’s largest collection of Japanese art.
The numbe …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Tokyo Shitamachi Bus
Tokyo Shitamachi Bus is a convenient sightseeing route bus that goes to major spots of Tokyo Shitamachi Area (from JR Tokyo Station to JR Kin …  more »
Ueno Onshi Park / Shinobazu-no-ike Pond
Ueno Onshi Park (or generally called Ueno Park) spreads over 532,000 square meters around Ueno Hill.
During the Boshin War (1868 – 1869), Uen …  more »
Park / Garden
Ueno Toshogu Shrine
Ueno Toshogu Shrine was built in 1627, dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
The stone Myoujin Otorii (grand s …  more »
Ueno Zoo
First opened in 1882, Ueno zoo is the most historic zoo in Japan.
The zoo in Ueno Onshi Park covers an area of approximately 14 hectares and  …  more »
Yakuo-ji Temple (Ushiro-muki Jizo)
A Jizo (guardian deity of children) statue in Yakuo-ji Temple used to face the Oshu-kaido Road, a main road which leads to Oshu Shirakawa (to …  more »
Yasaki Inari-jinja Shrine
The third Tokugawa Shogun Iemitsu established the “Sanjusangendo” in this location in 1642, and an archery competition known as the “Toshi-ya …  more »
Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall
Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall keeps the collection of the great Japanese painter Yokoyama Taikan’s art works including some that were never r …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Yushima Tenmangu Shrine (Yushima Tenjin)
Yushima Tenmangu (or also called Yushima Tenjin) was established in 458.
It enshrines Sugawara Michizane, a great scholar of the 9th century, …  more »

Yanaka, Tokyo

Yanaka is an old town where time passes slowly. Take a stroll along streets lined with small shops, and discover retro Tokyo.

Asakura Museum of Sculpture (Asakura Choso Museum)
Asakura Museum of Sculpture was originally the studio and residence of Fumio Asakura, a founder of modern Japanese engravings who produced ma …  more »
HistoryMuseum / GalleryPark / Garden
Choan-ji Temple (Jurojin)
Choan-ji Temple enshrines Jurojin, the god of longevity belongs to Yanaka Shichifukujin (Seven Gods of Good Fortune).
The temple is said to h …  more »
Daien-ji Temple (Kasamori Inari)
On the grounds of Daien-ji Temple, there are two monuments both erected in 1919 to commemorate the legendary tea shop waitress called Osen.
T …  more »
Daimyo Clock Museum
Daimyo Clock Museum is the only museum in Japan exhibiting Japanese clocks used by Daimyo feudal lords during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868).
T …  more »
HistoryMuseum / Gallery
Former Yoshidaya Liquor Shop (Shitamachi Museum Annex)
The building was originally a liquor shop built in 1910 and operated until 1986.
Then it was moved to the current location to be used as an e …  more »
HistoryMuseum / Gallery
Jyomyo-in Temple
Jomyo-in Temple, constructed in 1666, enshrines so many Jizo (stone statue of guardian deities of children).
They are referred to as “84,000  …  more »
Kannon-ji Temple (Tsuji-bei wall)
Kannon-ji Temple’s “Tsuji-bei” wall, a mud wall built in the Edo era (1603 – 1868), is unusual in that it was constructed by alternately pill …  more »
Okakura Tenshin Memorial Park
The site of the former Nihon Bijutsu-in (Japan Art Institute) and the residence of Okakura Tenshin, a pioneer in Japan’s modern arts, is curr …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
Yanaka Cemetery
Yanaka Cemetery was founded in 1874 in the place where Yanaka Tenno-ji Temple was originally located.
The ruins of Yanaka Tenno-ji’s Five-Sto …  more »
Yanaka Ginza
Yanaka Ginza is a small street market with about 70 shops mainly supplying commodities for local residences.
It is crowded with people of bot …  more »
Food / Shopping
Yanaka Tenno-ji Temple
Leaving the Nippori Station by the south exit, you will soon find Tenno-ji Temple which was established in 1274.
The temple attracted pushing …  more »
Zensho-an Temple
Zensho-an Temple was constructed by the sword and Zen master Yamaoka Tesshu in 1883 to mourn for the dead during the Meiji Restoration.
The t …  more »

Asakusa, Tokyo

The retrospective streets relate to the time when Tokyo was once called Edo. Take a walk and you can step back in time.

Asahi Beer Headquarters
Asahi Beer is one of the major beer manufacturers in Japan.
The beer glass-like tall building, covered with amber glass on its sides and whit …  more »
Food / Shopping
Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is Taito-ku Ward’s tourist information facility located in front of the Kaminari-mon Gate of Senso …  more »
Asakusa Entertainment Hall (Asakusa Engei Hall)
Asakusa Entertainment Hall (Asakusa Engei Hall) is the only vaudeville theater where Rakugo (comic story telling) is performed every day in A …  more »
Asakusa Hana-Yashiki
Asakusa Hana-Yashiki is a nostalgic Shitamachi (old working-class district) style amusement park with the feel of old Asakusa.
The metro amus …  more »
Asakusa Mokuba-kan Public Theater
Asakusa Mokuba-kan is famous as being one of the permanently public theaters in Japan.
The theater, opened in 1977, offers theatrical perform …  more »
Asakusa Ohtori-jinja Shrine
Asakusa Ohtori-jinja Shrine, or commonly called “Otori-Sama”, enshrines Ame-no-Hiwashi-no-Mikoto and Yamato Takeru-no-Mikoto deities.
The shr …  more »
Asakusa-jinja Shrine
Asakusa-jinja Shrine, or more popularly “Sanja-sama (Shrine of the Three Gods)”, was built in 1649 by the third Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Iem …  more »
Denbouin-dori Street
Denbouin-dori Street, which runs 200 meters from east to west, is filled with the culture of Edo.
Downtown souvenirs such as Japanese accesso …  more »
Food / Shopping
Drum Museum (Taiko-kan)
Drum Museum is the world’s first museum which specializes in drums.
The museum exhibits about 200 drums from a collection of 900 drums collec …  more »
Museum / Gallery
Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum
Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum exhibits traditional Shitamachi (old working-class district) crafts such as kites, wooden furniture  …  more »
HistoryMuseum / Gallery
Folding Screen Museum (Byobu Museum)
The city of Sumida has 23 “small museums”, where individuals and corporations exhibit rare industrial products, materials and technical exper …  more »
Kappabashi Dougu-gai (Kappabashi Kitchen Utensils Town)
Kappabashi Dougu-gai is an unique shopping district with a proud history of over 100 years.
It is known as “Kitchenware Town” since the one- …  more »
Food / Shopping
Konica Minolta Planetarium 'Tenku'
Enjoy a realistic walk under the stars in this planetarium in Tokyo Skytree Town operated by Konica Minolta, a manufacturer of planetariums d …  more »
Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple
The temple grounds of Matsuchiyama Shoden house among other things, a reconstructed Tanka poem inscription by the early Edo era (1603 – 1868) …  more »
Mukojima Hyakka-en Garden
Mukojima Hyakka-en Garden was established in 1804 by a merchant and artists of his friends.
Hyakka-en means “a garden covered with all sorts …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
Nakamise-dori Street
Nakamise-dori Street is a 250-meter long stone-paved promenade between Kaminari-mon Gate and Hozo-mon Gate.
This is an approach to Senso-ji  …  more »
Food / ShoppingHistory
Senso-ji Temple
Senso-ji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo.
The temple is popularly known as “Asakusa-no-Kannon-sama (Kannon in Asakusa)” because it enshr …  more »
Sumida Aquarium
Located in Tokyo Skytree Town, Sumida Aquarium is a huge aquarium themed on the sea of the “Tokyo islands”, recreating the waters of the Natu …  more »
Sumida Park
Sumida Park, on the banks of the Sumida-gawa River, is a time-honored park opened to the public by the 6th Tokugawa Shogun Yoshimune so that  …  more »
Park / Garden
Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting and observation tower opened in 2012.
The tower is Japan’s tallest structure at a height of 634 meters above  …  more »
Tokyo Skytree Town
Tokyo Skytree Town is a new “town with a tower” in the districts of Narihira and Oshiage, where Edo culture continues to live on.
It consists …  more »
EntertainmentFood / Shopping
Tokyo Solamachi
Tokyo Solamachi is a “new downtown-style” commercial facility in Tokyo Skytree Town.
Gathered here are more than 300 shops that serve your fa …  more »
Food / Shopping
Tomb of Hiraga Gennai
This is the tomb of Hiraga Gennai, a physician, author, painter and inventor who invented, among other things, the electrostatic generator du …  more »
Tozen-ji Temple
The particular Jizo, or guardian deity of children, in Tozen-ji Temple was the second one to be erected out of the Six Edo Jizo created by Ji …  more »
World Bags and Luggage Museum
World Bags and Luggage Museum keeps the collection of 550 bags from some 50 countries around the world, including a cabin trunk made of croco …  more »
Museum / Gallery

Shibamata, Tokyo

Shibamata offers the kind of unique historical atmosphere that is now rare in Tokyo. Enjoy walking through the approach to the shrine lines with traditional rice dumpling and Senbei rice cracker shops. Then visit Shibamata Taishakuten, a temple with a history of more than 300 years. Stop in at the Tora-san Museum, which commemorates the movie series “Otoko-wa-Tsuraiyo” set in Shibamata for a taste of the old Japan. After viewing the area’s Japanese-style buildings and gardens, visit the Edo-gawa River, a critical waterway in the Edo Period (1603 – 1868). Here visitors may experience the only river ferry boat “Yagiri-no-Watashi” remaining in Tokyo.

Kanamachi Purification Plant
This is one of major purification plants of the Tokyo Water Supply System.
It takes in water from the Edo-gawa River and supplies water to To …  more »
Kasai-jinja Shrine
Kasai-jinja Shrine, founded in 1185, is the birthplace of Kasai-Bayashi (Kasai festival music).
It is said that Kasai-Bayashi is the origin o …  more »
Katsushika Shibamata Tora-san Museum / Yamada Yoji Museum
This is a memorial hall for “Otoko-wa-Tsuraiyo (It’s tough being a man)”, the comic film series that was a big hit with Atsumi Kiyoshi starri …  more »
EntertainmentHistoryMuseum / Gallery
Katsushika-ku Yamamoto-tei
The house of Yamamoto Einosuke, a business person in the Taisho era (1912 – 1926), is now open to the public.
There are many attractions inc …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
Mizumoto Park
Mizumoto Park is one of the largest park in the center of Tokyo and is the only park with waterfront scenery.
The park has a drainage basin  …  more »
Park / Garden
Shibamata Taishakuten Temple
Shibamata Taishakuten was established in 1629.
The temple appears in many Japanese literature works and movies, such as “Higan-sugi-made (Un …  more »
HistoryPark / Garden
Taishakuten-sando is the oldest shopping street in Katsushika Ward, connecting Taishakuten Temple and Shibamata Station.
Its charm lies in it …  more »
Food / ShoppingHistory
Yagiri-no-Watashi (Yagiri Ferry Crossing)
Yagiri-no-Watashi is one of the ferries established as ferries floating across Edo-gawa River by the Tokugawa Shogunate in the early Edo Peri …  more »


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